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OD51 'Chocolate'

There has been a great deal of confusion and misunderstanding regarding the term 'chocolate' as used to describe the colour of certain items of US Army officer uniform clothing. The term appears to imply that the items described as 'chocolate' are a shade of brown, but this is completely incorrect. US Army Officers were never authorised to wear any brown service dress uniform clothing items. Unfortunately there are several prominent suppliers of reproduction uniforms who persist in advertising shirts, trousers and ties in 'chocolate' but which are actually dark brown in colour. The colour correctly described as 'chocolate' is OD51 Olive Drab, Dark Shade. OD51 has the visual effect of appearing to be a shade of brown, even from a short distance away, but is actually a very dark shade of olive green. Shown below are some examples of OD51 'chocolate' shirts. The ones on the left and in the centre are authentic modern reproductions whilst the one on the right is an original WW2 issue.