Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines

-and The Men who Kept Them in the Air!!!


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When I first decided to join the British Army in 1968, I desperately wanted to be a Para! I'd read all the right war comics, seen all the right films, and I coveted that famous red beret. Fortunately for me (and, I suspect, also for the Paras), a farsighted Recruiting Sergeant realised my true potential and steered me into the less physical, more rewarding (yes, the pay was better) trade of Aircraft Technician in the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers.

Following the customary basic training at Depot REME, Poperinghe Barracks, Arborfield, I embarked upon my new career in May 1968 at the very hub of the Army Aviation universe, Middle Wallop. My first posting in 1969 as a newly-qualified Aircraft Technician was to the Mobile Wing of 70 Aircraft Workshops REME, also based at Middle Wallop. Although not much of a posting in terms of distance, I can honestly say that my four years at Mobile Wing were the most enjoyable of my entire career. In addition to the sheer variety of work, I also enjoyed brief tours of duty on detachment with the Paras and the Royal Marine Commandos in the Caribbean, America, Gibralter and Denmark.

The remainder of my fifteen years in the Army were spent almost entirely in Germany, at Celle, Detmold and Osnabruck, plus the inevitable tours of duty in Northern Ireland. I have documented some of my Army career in photographic form below. In the event that any visitor to this page would like to contact me (old Army mates are very welcome), please click on the link below.


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06 Platoon, Training Battalion REME
Passing-Out Parade, May 1968

I am third from the left.
The Platoon Sergeant (extreme left) was Sgt. Ray Crane.


Middle Wallop

The hangar on the extreme left
of the photo was home to
Mobile Wing
70 Aircraft Workshops REME

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Basic Course
Middle Wallop, 1968

(left to right)
Adrian "Solly" Camp,
Derek "Jock the Para" Fyffe,
Cliff "Brummy" Dyson,
"Rusty" Ellis

We were the very first
Airframe & Engine course to
train entirely at Middle Wallop
without passing through Bordon


Sioux AH1

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De Havilland Beaver


Westland Scout AH1

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Beaver Phase


HMS Bulwark
Ex "Pond Jump" 1972

I enjoyed a Caribbean cruise, along with the rest of 41 Cdo!

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No.65 Upgraders Course
AETW, 1973

Back row, left to right:
Cpls. Jarvill, Leavy, Harris, Logan, Edwards,
MacDonald, Jenkins, &  Neal

Front row, left to right:
Cpls. Meech, Fyffe, Hutchins, Pugh & Gomm


Westland Gazelle AH1

I was selected for the Gazelle Intensive Flying Trials Unit
Middle Wallop, 1973.

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73 Aircraft Workshops REME
Celle 1975

Presentation for General Stannier
GOC 1 Div.



Doing it by the book!

A Pre-Flight inspection on a Gazelle.

73 Aircraft Workshops REME
Celle 1976

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73 Aircraft Workshops REME
Celle, 1976

The workshop shooting team
eing presented with the
Bundeswehr Marksmanship Medal
for successfully completing
their weapons classification


73 Aircraft Workshops REME
Celle 1976

Major Servicing of Scout & Gazelle.

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73 Aircraft Workshops REME
Celle 1976

The entire workshops assembled for
one last photograph before the unit disbanded to became part of
71 Aircraft Workshops, Detmold,
in early 1977



Essential War-Work!

Sgt's Mess Bar
NIRW, Sydenham, Belfast 1980

I am being ably assisted by
S/Sgt George Maddran.

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